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Frisky1 7 July in 08:34

miss you so much. just so beautiful

bestfriend 5 June in 12:18

I have missed both your sweet smile and soft voice

bestfriend 8 April in 16:05

My sweetheart
Miss you

likewild 24 March in 14:24

only save time, show nothing ion groupshow

bestfriend 12 March in 11:21

Saw her again today
She is Venus. Goddess of love

bestfriend 7 March in 14:28

I'm not sure there is a word that adequately describes her except Venus Aphrodite. Love

bestfriend 20 February in 10:13

I really miss you
Hope I can hear your voice again


bestfriend 29 January in 18:10

I never anticipate anything
I am always pleasantly surprised


bestfriend 28 January in 08:11

She hides more beauty inside than you see outside. Total woman

bestfriend 21 January in 18:19

Not one in a million
One in a trillion
P rrr fect

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